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About Us


The Missouri Federation of Women´s Democratic Clubs is founded upon the ideals and principles of the Missouri Democratic Party´s Platform:

"Our state´s Democratic Party embodies the hopes and dreams of Missourians aspiring to better themselves, their families and their communities. We are a party of the people, all people, and our only qualification for membership is a genuine concern for the welfare of our nation and its citizens. Democrats believe in putting people first, and in doing so, believe that all of our citizens are entitled to ethical, efficient, economical, and responsive government on all levels in the State of Missouri that will improve the quality of their lives.

Organization Structure

Similar to the MFWDC´s membership with the National Federation of Democratic Women, local Democratic clubs join the MFWDC and are organized within Missouri´s Eight Congressional Districts. The local clubs elect District Presidents to be information/ communication liaison officers to the MFWDC´s Executive Board of Directors. The Executive Board meets several times each year to conduct Federation business. This structure allows the MFWDC to achieve one of its primary objectives:

"...organizing all Women´ s Democratic Clubs in the state of Missouri into one group working for the success of the Democratic Party."

Full MFWDC Participation                                          
In order to fulfill the Federation´s purpose and to encourage full participation of women at every level of the Democratic structure, the MFWDC works together with the Missouri and National Democratic Committees, as well as the National Federation of Democratic Women to meet these objectives:

  • Build unity

  • Organize and network new clubs

  • Strengthen participation

  • Provide educational programs

  • Raise campaign funds

  • Contribute to women and men candidates

  • Improve government accessibility

  • Encourage Democratic women candidates

  • Award scholarships for DNC internships

  • Recognize outstanding Democratic women

  • Turn out volunteers for campaigns

  • Provide a greater voice for women

MFWDC members have many opportunities to gain leadership and advocacy skills, acquire practical working knowledge for life, and develop support systems. Federation membership means women have stronger voices in affecting positive change in their communities and the nation.


MFWDC also offers opportunities in the following:


  • MFWDC Woman of the Year

  • Bess Truman Award (Biennial) For Best New Club

  • MFWDC Scrapbook Award

NFDW Awards

  • Founders Internship Award

  • Outstanding NFDW Member of the Year

  • Outstanding Elected Democratic Woman Holding Public Office

  • NFDW Humanitarian Award


Interested in joining our organization or starting a Federation Club? Just contact us and we will make it easy for you. We will need to know your Congressional District and County to help you find a local club near you. Become a part of our Federation´s proud heritage and work to continue the tradition and purpose our founding members envisioned for Missouri´s Democratic Women.

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